Monday, November 5, 2018

Fear Based Freedom

By: Pete Christensen

  I’m sorry to say it but the Republican Party (the party of Lincoln) is moving closer and closer to Fascism. They’ve been peddling a fear based agenda aimed at servicing the rich while controlling the poor and middle class.

  As an election ploy the President has Cartel members and terrorist have infiltrated a caravan of South American refugees so as to illegally enter the country for terrorist purposes. He’s sending troops to Southern Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico that may eventually swell to fifteen thousand, at a cost to taxpayers of over three billion dollars. All so that American taxpayers can help get his republican underlings re-elected. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh actually spread the rumor that the left sent money to these nations to start the caravan.

  The truth as usual, is a much different matter. The refugees aren’t cartel members they’re mostly from Honduras, and Guatemala and are in fact fleeing cartel violence themselves. Why the President who is constantly praising our military as the best in the world thinks it will take armed soldiers who outnumber the unarmed refugees by three to one to accomplish this is obvious.

  As I write this the refugees are still nine hundred miles from the U.S. border and since the average person walks at two miles per hour, won’t be there for a full month. But for election sensationalism they had to be sent in the final week of campaigning.

  Oddly enough, this type of boogey man tactic has been working for the last three years. Remember the President saved us from the murderer’s and rapist coming in from Mexico by making Mexico build that wall. By the way, the only ones with the money to build, and elaborate tunnels under such a wall are cartel gangs. Thusly a 90 billion dollar wall would keep out the poor and hard working, and allow the drug lords to continue business as usual. 

  He saved us from the Jews by blaming the synagogue massacre on the victims themselves, saying they should’ve had an armed guard on duty and it would’ve been a different result. The responding officers were all armed yet several were wounded and unable stop it. What would one armed guard accomplish?

  The overall point is that most conservatives are afraid of their own shadow. They live in fear that the evil blacks, terrorist, and Hispanics are lying in wait for them. Most fear the LQBT community is trying to force their sexuality on them, and that the environmentalists are trying to take their jobs away by pollution restrictions. That’s why they constantly scream that we need more military, less restrictions, more guns on the street and decry same sex marriage, and opposing religions.

  I can only say these cowards deserve a President Donald Trump who recently said “I tell the truth whenever I can.”

Pete Christensen is a published author of four books and a professional comedian. 
He has also hosted his own radio and television shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Flagstaff, Arizona.

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