Monday, October 1, 2018

Bow Down to the Mad King

By: Pete Christensen

 They’ve often called the last generation (before the baby boomers) the ‘greatest generation’, and with good cause. They grew up in America’s worst depression, fought World War Two, and survived the recession of the of 2007 where they could’ve lost everything.

  My generation, (the baby boomers) are taking their place, and the difference is striking. While they wore their bodies out through inhumane working conditions, processed food, and multiple carcinogens in everything from formaldehyde to asbestos. We wore ourselves out through drug and alcohol abuse, bad diets, and hard lifestyles.

 Their generation thought big. They built things like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. This generation is defined by an inability to see the big picture. While every nation on earth recognized climate change we still deny it despite rising ocean levels, and melting glaciers.

 In an attempt to shame people off social security, conservatives use the demeaning term ‘entitlements’, but the truth is, social security is an insurance you’ve paid into all your life. It’s simply your money that you loaned the government. To lower entitlements such as food stamps for the elderly Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker reduced food stamps for a single adult from $200 per month to $15.

The elderly gentleman I know who had this reduction went from spending $50 dollars a week on chicken, beef, oatmeal, eggs, bread and vegetables to buying eggs, potatoes, bread, peanut butter and jelly, and coffee. Now he’s constantly sick and we taxpayers are paying his hospitals bills into the thousands monthly because we didn’t want to pay a few hundred for good nutrition. This is an example of not seeing the big picture.

The Republican budget has put the nation 1.7 trillion in debt. To pay for it the Republicans voted to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security by 1.4 trillion. Social Security take sup 24% of Federal Spending, but that cost will decrease as the baby boomers pass. The military takes 35% and that just keeps increasing. The President keeps calling for budget money for a border wall estimated at $90 billion to build and $50 million a year to maintain. And no one’s answered the question yet, ‘Where’s that money coming from?’ (by the way, we all know a border wall will work, after all, cartels NEVER tunnel under walls do they?) Once again, a failure to see the big picture.

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