Monday, August 27, 2018

Anatomy of a Bully

By: Pete Christensen

   The election of Donald Trump was a reaction by Middle America to being ignored by their elected officials, looked down upon by the West Coast elite who refer to them as ‘fly over country’. It was a push back towards liberals,, who they’re being constantly told by hate-talk radio hosts, are the enemy.
  Middle America feels bullied and ignored and they reached out to an even a bigger bully to speak for them. They felt their religious values were being ridiculed, and their conservative ideals were being eroded away.
  I understand their angst and their motives for voting.
What they got however wasn’t someone of moral dignity, or a champion of their causes, but a reprobate, egotist without the capability of controlling his emotions. His cabinet and staff are in a constant game of employment Russian Roulette with a revolving door for anyone who refuses to kiss the mad king’s backside.
  Even more disturbing is the fact that the president of the strongest nation on the face of the earth has all the five main symptoms of being bi-polar.
  Number one; extreme self-centered behavior. His constantly switching between ‘Hey look, everyone’s talking about me’, to ‘Hey, why is everyone talking about me?’. It’s always all about himself.  Statements like; "With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president." show this
  Number two; uncontrollable temper. The repeated late night tweet storms and rants against anyone who crosses him, or is even perceived to have crossed him are on the emotional level of a preteen girl scorned at a slumber party. His tweets and his speeches are laced with name calling and taunts. He literally insulted his way to the White House with jabs like ‘crooked Hillary’, and ‘little Marco Rubio’. They continue today with taunts of ‘slime-ball’, ‘cheats’, and ‘dishonest’.
  Number three; projection; the act of accusing others of having your own faults. As often as the New York Times has proven his statements wrong, he immediately accuses them of being liars. When the late John McCain pointed out that Trump avoided the draft, he said repeatedly that McCain wasn’t a war hero. I don’t know about you, but I say five years of torture in a tiger cage registers as heroism.
  Number four; paranoia; The feeling that everyone’s out to get you. I worked with Trump associate Robert Kiyosaki on an info-mercial, and discovered from low level staffers that both men surround themselves with ‘yes men’, ready to bow and scrape at a moments notice. Like most paranoids they need constant reassurance. Even the slightest hint of disloyalty is reason for dismissal, hence the constant White House turnover.
  Number five; extreme, almost violent mood swings. Dismissed staffers have described the daily workings within the White House as nerve wracking, and attempting to do even routine work as ‘walking on eggs’. The President’s constant search for ‘leakers’ puts everyone under suspicion. There’s also shown a pattern of heaping praise upon cabinet members and firing them weeks or even days later.
  I’m not out to malign the president by proving he’s bi-polar. (Many people with bi-polar disorder are high functioning and successful.) I’m merely pointing out what I think we should all consider when we give a person access to the nuclear codes, their mental health.

Pete Christensen is a published author of four books and a professional comedian. 
He has also hosted his own radio and television shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Flagstaff, Arizona.

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