The Art of the Steal

By: Pete Christensen

In his book ‘The Art of the Deal’ Donald Trump says while negotiating do whatever you have to do to win the negotiations you’re involved in. That includes demeaning and belittling your opponent. Then, once you’ve won, quickly bring them into your good graces to be able to work with them.  That’s essentially what he did to his political opponents to insult his way to the White House.
 Now that he’s gained office his political ignorance is more than obvious.
 He wants to scrap the NAFTA agreement. Before NAFTA we made nineteen million a year on North American trade. Today we make seven trillion.
 He‘s been hurting the solar and wind energy industries to help the coal industry. The coal industry employs sixty five thousand people, wind and solar employ one hundred and seventy six thousand.  
 He’s threatened repeatedly to put an end to Social Security.  The average person pays over five hundred and thirty three thousand dollars into Social Security and Medicare. In actuality, only thirty three percent of Social Security goes to Social Security recipients or its’ programs. The rest is loaned out to other government programs. In short, stop Social Security and watch the government quickly grind to a complete halt. The cost for Social Security is $848.5 billion, but it keeps 59 million American’s from being homeless.
 He’s still attempting to build a Mexican/ American border wall at a cost of $70 billion to build and an annual maintenance bill to be $150 million. More than half of American Farm workers are undocumented.  (an estimated 1.1 million). However, walling them out would devastate the fruit and vegetable harvest across the nation and could cause skyrocketing produce prices. In Canada illegals are sold ‘work permits’ and allowed to come and go as needed. This way the government gets their taxes, the immigrants get their jobs, and the employers get valuable, low wage workers.  
 The new budget makes drastic cuts to Medicare while giving major tax breaks to the wealthy.  The EPA will be cut by 31%, Labor by 21%, Health and Human Services by 16%, HUD by 12%, and education by 12%. NPR and the National Park Service will also be hit hard. The richest 1% of the nation now own more than the 90% of the poorest Americans. Other nations have seen this, and history shows us you can’t keep balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class. Gated communities will turn into guarded communities, case and point; Mexico.
 Trump’s bully tactics have the entire Republican party afraid to speak out. When hardcore right wing conservatives like George W Bush, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and others warn about the direction the government is headed, I can only react by saying “No matter what you thought of Barack Obama, he was never an embarrassment.”

Pete Christensen is a published author of four books and a professional comedian. 
He has also hosted his own radio and television shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Flagstaff, Arizona.